Smithers Events

a modern community bulletin board


Smithers Events is all about the partnerships. The driving force behind this website was to have one central place for people in Smithers and the Bulkley Valley to post events. We then take those events and send them out seamlessly to our partners. Posting your event here will get it posted on Tourism Smithers, Smithers Visitor Info Centre's Interactive Kiosk and Bugwood Bean's Events Board at their Mainstreet and Airport locations*.

Bugwood Bean

If you have spent any time at either Bugwood Bean's downtown or airport location you have probably noticed the large screen displaying event posters. This is where Smithers Events was born. Nick and I originally brainstormed a way Bugwood could display posters for up and coming events without the clutter and chaos of a physical cork board. Something where posters would automatically disappear when the event was done and never get covered over by another event. The events board was born and has now grown into Smithers Events a modern community bulletin board.

Smithers Visitor Info Centre

The Visitor Info Centre expressed an interest in having a board similar to Bugwood Bean's. Something where visitors coming to our community could instantly see what was happening. Rather than just duplicating what we had done at Bugwood Bean we took it one step further. We created Smithers Events for starters and then a custom kiosk for the Visitor Info Centre. It features a 21 inch touch screen display that shows events posters on one side and a full list of events filterable by category and date on the other.

Tourism Smithers

Tourism Smithers' website currently has their own events tool but they just don't have the staff time it takes to collate all the events taking place in the valley and keep that list up to date. They are currently rebranding their website and when the new site launches the events will be streamed from Smithers Events directly into their website. At Smithers Events we post all kinds of events. Not all of them would be of interest to tourists so we have built a custom filter just for Tourism Smithers. The events they want to display, up to date and without the work. It doesn't get much better than that.


We are still looking for more partners to help spread the word of the amazing events that take place in Smithers, Telkwa and the Bulkley Valley. If you have a website or a physical location that could benefit from an events feed let us know. We would be happy to work with you. We can use a standard feed or work with you to develop a custom feed or an amazing new idea.

*Some of our partners have screening criteria for the types of events they display. Not all events will meet all partners criteria and may not be included on some sites or locations.