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Smithers Art Gallery May/June Exhibition

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14-05-2019 01:30 PM 15-06-2019 02:30 PM 6 Smithers Art Gallery May/June Exhibition Featuring Cara Purita - Sweet Offerings Smithers Art Gallery - Smithers, BC DD/MM/YYYY
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Tuesday May 14th, 2019  1:30pm - Saturday June 15th 2:30pm

Smithers Art Gallery - Smithers, BC

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 2019 7 - 9 P.M.

Cara Purita (Mini Gallery)


Cara Purita's work examines food and women’s roles, and the relationship between the two. Sweet Offerings will include a series of paintings that touch on the nostalgia and rhetoric of pie. Each painting will consist of a view of a woman’s hands serving a slice of pie on a plate. The clothing and accessories we see, as well as the tablecloth or apron will again refer in some way to the pie. The pie is both symbolic of the care and effort that goes into preparing food for others, and refers to the euphemisms used to describe women sexually (both in the fruit and the pie itself). In each case the woman is presenting the pie in such a way as to show that it is meant for somebody else, not herself; perhaps the viewer. 

In addition to this series of pies, further paintings which again nod to nostalgia, food, and a woman’s role in harvesting, preparing or serving it, and yet presents an odd conundrum or a euphemism used to describe women in terms of food.

Biography of Cara Purita

Cara's work has been inspired by family, memories, dreams, here own life experiences, the stories of women’s lives, by early 20th century and postwar instruction manuals for girls and housewives, as well as by the popular media she consumed as a child and young teenager. "What strikes me most while perusing these older publications is how profoundly current expectations echo the past despite the rhetoric of feminist achievements". As a mother of three daughters, manager of a small hobby farm; family, food and home are often on her mind. Cara also has a love of intellectual pursuits and interest in human nature which compels her to look more deeply into the “why” of her own gendered lifestyle. "I aim to tell and to celebrate the stories of real women whose lives are so often disregarded, and to explore the ways in which both patriarchy and feminism have placed us into figurative boxes. I also hope to convey intimacy and emotion in my paintings, while exploring some of the darker aspects of being female". The daily tasks and actions that women engage in are often cast aside in favour of visions of passivity. The women Cara paints are active and engaged, whether they are representative of reality or perceptions.

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