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Impacts of Selenium Pollution from Coal Mines

Public Meetings

Monday January 15th, 2018  7:00pm-8:30pm

Norma's Ark - Telkwa, BC

Waste rock from coal mining can release large amounts of selenium into rivers and lakes. At concentrations that exceed toxic thresholds, selenium is harmful to sh. Erin’s talk will provide an overview of how selenium from coal mining has affected the environment, with examples from Montana, B.C. and beyond.

Erin Sexton is a Research Scientist and Regulatory A airs Manager with the Institute on Ecosystems, at the University of Montana. Erin’s research focus encompasses the international landscape known as the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, with an emphasis on aquatic ecology and conservation biology, in our shared transboundary watersheds, between British Columbia, Alberta and Montana.

Erin has been working in the Crown of the Continent since 2000, when she initiated her master’s work as a Kendall Foundation Fellow, focused on the terrestrial, and aquatic impacts of coalbed methane development in the Transboundary Flathead and Elk/Kootenai Rivers. Erin is involved in several collaborations within and across the Crown of the Continent, with a focus on working collaboratively across boundaries for conservation successes.

Erin works at the intersection of science and policy, focused on coordinating cross-border research, assessment of ecological condition, landscape-scale connectivity, and incorporating climate change into conservation planning.