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How to listen to your intuition

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Wednesday October 18th, 2017  1:00pm-2:30pm

Full Circle Yoga, 1283 Main St - Smithers, BC

Our intuition is innate and available to everyone. Trusting and Listening to our inner voice can help us feel secure with our life decisions and move toward a more authentic way of living. Philip Ponchet, a self-development educator with 40 years of experience will present a public talk in Smithers at the Full Circle Yoga Studio 1283 Main St. on Wednesday Oct. 18th starting at 1pm. Philip will talk about how trusting his feelings and first impressions have helped him remain true to his path in life and follow his dreams. The presentation is sponsored by the Inner Peace Movement of Canada. The 90 min presentation will also cover the balance ot thoughts and feelings and how to not get caught up in thinking so much. He will share on the 7 year cycles of inner growth and how our spiritual needs change as we age, how we can receive inner wisdom and guidance, sensing energy and more. Tickets are available at the door, $21 (incl. gst).