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Alarias Fiddle

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Saturday October 14th, 2017  7:00pm-9:00pm

Della Herman Theatre

The Valley Youth Fiddlers, under the musical direction of Leslie-Jean MacMillan, are bringing Alaria's Fiddle on tour from May 12-22, 2017.

Alaria’s Fiddle is a full-length musical theatre performance developed by the Smithers-based Valley Youth Fiddlers in collaboration with master fiddlers from across Canada including Jaron Freeman-Fox, Adrian Dolan, James Stephens, and Gordon Stobbe. Alaria's Fiddle is a fictional tale about a young girl who lives with her mother on an isolated lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. With little to do but play her fiddle over the marine radio to the passing fishing fleet, Alaria quickly becomes frustrated with her limited repertoire and makes a plea to the wide world for music to play by sending a thousand messages in bottles that she casts into the ocean. As if by magic, her plea is answered. In time, she receives gifts of music from all parts of the globe: from India and Sweden and the Ukraine, and Quebec; from Baffin Island, Brazil, and the American South.

One night a terrible storm catches the fishing fleet just beyond the island, and Alaria’s mother is nearly lost while trying to rescue a foundered vessel. Alaria climbs to the top of the lighthouse to play the fleet back home, but the storm tears the fiddle from her hands and it is smashed on the rocks below. Is Alaria’s mother lost in the storm? Will Alaria play fiddle ever again? What happened to her father? These questions are resolved in the second half of the performance.

The story is brought to life by a narrator, accompanied by music, short animations and sound effects. The narrator takes the audience on a cinematic journey while an ensemble of nearly 70 youth and adult musicians perform 16 pieces written and arranged for the show that portray Alaria's experiences.  Alaria’s Fiddle is approximately 1.5 hours long, consisting of two 45 minute halves with a 15 or 20 minute intermission (just under 2 hours total).

The Valley Youth Fiddlers are touring with Alaria's Fiddle to six communities across British Columbia: Prince George, Williams Lake, Vancouver, Sechelt, Qualicum Beach and Victoria.